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Dr. Toni Sims Muhammad

Black Society Commentary: 
Expressions about the plight of people of color, particularly black people in America. We are a collection of scholars and educators freely and openly discussing issues paramount to black life.

As a scholar and Professor of Sociology and Black Studies for over 20 years, Dr. Toni Sims-Muhammad founded Black Society Commentary (2010) for scholars and educators to frame the dialogue and discourse about various social justice and inequality issues impacting the general social/cultural world, education (elementary & secondary), science, engineering, technology and global affairs pertaining to black empowerment.

BSC is also featured on Tumblr in order to attract the youth and promote more exchanges between scholars and young people.

We are actively seeking professional educators and scholars interested in contributing to this platform.  Please submit your resume and a writing example to:

What will it take for Black America to Reclaim Our Roots?

Does Rev. Jackson's comments have any validity?

What will it take to dismantle the prison to school pipeline?

Do Blacks and Whites Have Different Views when it comes to Names, Religion & Patriotism?