Dr. Jacqueline Dennis, BSC Featured Blogger

We Must Help Our Black Youth To Free Their Mind
by Dr. Jacqueline Dennis, BSC Featured Blogger

Our young African American Warriors continue to sleep in this sleepless society filled with malice, contempt and manipulation.  Young brothers and sisters, you are the future and must adhere to your calling. Please wake up, abandon mis-education, fall in love with education and free your mind so you can think and act in your best interest.  Education is a powerful weapon, a tool used for success.  Pull your pants up, wear a suit, you might like the way you look.  Take the weave out, for once see who you really are, you might like the way you look.  Respect your body and your mind, as the Funkadelics said “Freedom is free of the need to be free, Free your mind and your @$$ will follow.”  Yet, for many black folk, the “truth” is simple but hard.

     Trayvon Martin and Rachel Jeantel represent the face of today’s African-American youths.  White America, Asian Americans and other ethnic groups tend to view many African-American youth as uneducated and ignorant
     One of the reasons, many ethnic groups disrespect the black community because of the lack of “proper” development of our youth.  It is tragic that most of our time, energy and resources go towards developing others communities and children, but not our own. 
  Trayvon and Jeantel are also the face of black youth because our communities raise them (the African-American community), a community of adults that have become complacent and accepting of white America’s standards of demoralization.  As an African-American, many of us have lost a sense of moral standards, accountability, respect and dignity.  In the end, Trayvon and Jeantel are the products of our guidance and instruction, or lack thereof.
For example, we should not have been surprised that Jeantel could not read cursive, when we allowed the public education system to remove cursive from the curriculum- making sure our youth are deprived of reading the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

     Of course, these documents are written in cursive.  We have literally deprived our youths of something as simple as a signature, by and far a direct ticket to black illiteracy and an era when many black folks could only mark “X”.  You say WAKE UP!, yes, the entire African-American community needs to wake up because ultimately, our youth are the products of us.

Dr. Jacqueline Dennis, M.Ed., PhD., received B.A. & M.Ed. at Pennsylvania State University and PhD. from Clark Atlanta University.  She is co-owner of Education Task Force Home School, a former Assistant Professor at Benedict College and Adjunct Professor at Morehouse College.  A Historian, with emphasis in African-American History/Studies, she specializes in educating African-American youth.  She is currently writing a book and in addition, a pending 600 page petition to open a Green charter school in the metro Atlanta area.  She can be contacted at: educationtaskforce2008@gmail.com.
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