Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hollywoood and Black America in 2013?

Hollywood seemed to be very interested in various movies and documentaries about race and social justice issues, particularly those impacting black Americans.  

In 2013, alone, there were several: 
The Butler, Fruitvale Station, A PBS documentary - The March, Lincoln12 Years A Slave and Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight.  

It's almost as if, some in Hollywood (of course I argue sanctioned by the American social political propoganda elite) were testing, perhaps even assessing, the emotional, pyschological pulse and tempermant of Black America. Ironically, Django (2012) which started out the 2013 year was not simply not as sufficient a litmus test because it was "farfetched" and seemingly "unreal account of enslavement."
Some public pundits asked questions like, "how do you think the black community will respond or react to Django?" I argue that it may have been received as expected, by many African Americans -- a "mere past" event void of any significant perespcetives or connections to the harsh context of failed social justice platforms, processes and issues affecting the black community today. 

No worries though, to end the year, hollywood has given us the ultimate "matrix" American Dream movie blitz with Best Man Holiday & Black Nativity. And the saga for black folks to wake up continues...

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