Monday, August 12, 2013


Gabrielle Turnquest passes the Bar to qualify as a lawyer at age 18!

What's wrong with our children?! From the examination of Gabrielle Turnquest and other children like her, absolutely nothing! 

17-year-old graduates from FAU with degree in molecular biology

Boy Genius: 11-Year-Old Graduates and receives a College Degree. Does not like waste time playing video games 

14-Year-Old Black Teen Breaks World Records. 

15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T.

Here's something revolutionary...the educational, genetic and social scientists of the day, got it wrong!  Obviously, there is still a lot we don't know when it comes to human development and capacity for learning - from preconception to conception, to birth and adulthood.  We have relied to heavily on the scientist of our times to guide and engineer an educational process that is now in many regards dysfunctional and obsolete.  Our children have an instinctive urge that tells them, "something is wrong with this process, this system, this model."  A few of us know that feeling, but as time has passed we ignored it and we begin the daunting task to pursue various capitalistic survival pursuits and have never been able to look back.  It's not entirely our fault though, but we must act now to save our children and ultimately ourselves.

Parents', Adults, Educators, and Social Scientist it's time for us to re-examine and change our entire outlook regarding the length of time it takes for our children to begin and complete an educational process - even when learning itself begins!

Take for example, 2.5 year old Romanieo Jr. who studies physics...  
Click to watch video!

This current crisis we are witnessing and experiencing with our youth and the current educational model is the biggest problem of the 21st century.  And, if we do not solve it, we will continue down the path of intellectual stagnation and ultimately educational and societal destruction.  Our children are screaming that they are bored out of their minds and we are either too blind, inept, or just to darn afraid to challenge the status quo and powers that be, to do anything about it.  They are the Y and Z generation.  They have grown up with I-Phones and Facebook.  I believe that their minds can develop at a much faster rate and pace than we could ever imagine but we immerse them in an educational construct that is based on a 1900's lifestyle.  

We know that there is a lot wrong with the Educational System. 
We know that many, too many childrens' critical and creative thinking processes are being destroyed.  
When are WE- parents, adults, educators, and social scientist going to actively engage in the ciritical and creative process to DO something about it?!

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