Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We Must Help Our Black Youth To Free Their Mind

Our young African American Warriors continue to sleep in this sleepless society filled with malice, contempt and manipulation.  Young brothers and sisters, you are the future and must adhere to your calling. Please wake up, abandon mis-education, fall in love with education and free your mind so you can think and act in your best interest.  Education is a powerful weapon, a tool used for success.  Pull your pants up, wear a suit, you might like the way you look.  Take the weave out, for once see who you really are, you might like the way you look.  Respect your body and your mind, as the Funkadelics said “Freedom is free of the need to be free, Free your mind and your @$$ will follow.”  Yet, for many black folk, the “truth” is simple but hard.
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