Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Black Rights versus Civil Rights?

Civil Rights obviously does not mean Black Rights.  

Maybe some of you share my sentiments.  Perhaps some of you are shaking your heads wondering what does she mean?.  Either way, please feel free to let me know what you think about the question or statement at the conclusion of this commentary. 
Freedom, Justice and Equality are now more than ever matters of means (money/wealth) and influence (power/authority).  And, it all makes for great entertainment because Blacks are more likely to be incarcerated, brutalized by the police, flunked out of school, gyrating to degenerative, demeaning and destructive music, watching superheroes who look nothing like them and celebrate the best black faces (so-called entertainer/comedians/actors) that attempt to portray us.  And that's just the beginning.  

This seems to be the sad state and culmination of Civil Rights for Black folks.   Many of our day to day lives reflect a form of "reality t.v." that is driven by instant gratification, disunity, and self-destruction.  Nothing really shocks our sense of consciousness anymore and many of our black scholars have grown numb to the socially, culturally, economical and politically engineered state of black existence.  Some opt to study us, and capitalize on us rather than aggressively attack and destroy the causes - the vast income and wealth disparity associated with our decay.  What is also apparent to me is the fact that we (black folks) have allowed ourselves to reach such a deplorable state of being - as the "walking dead."  

The Civil Rights Movement, (after enslavement and emancipation (1555-1865) & Jim Crow and Government Sanctions (1865-1955), began with the bodies (not on the backs) of black folks; bloodied, beatened, raped, tortured, and all but destroyed.  Yet, today, black folks are almost void of unified leadership.  This is a clear sign that Black folks are LOST.   Black folks are lost because many marginalized groups in the U.S. (even many International groups) can and do attract so much attention, concern and support to their plights and causes, but not black folks?
Strong, unified leadership almost emerged in the 1960's between Civil Rights groups and Black Nationalist groups but that process was interrupted and undermined in large part due to CoIntelPro.

Latino/Hispanic Rights; Immigrant Rights; Gay Rights; Women's Rights (binders full of Women, but no binders full of Blacks) have gained and benefited from various aspects of this Black experience. These groups (and others) have adopted and successfully used the Civil Rights framework but; we, black folks have taken so little for ourselves.  American Black folks service to others has led to empowerment, community development and commercial enterprises for them.  And what do Black folks have?- A whole lot of nothing.    

It's time for Black Rights!
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