Saturday, July 13, 2013


Stopping the movement and momentum of the protest over Trayvon Martin's murder was reason enough to bring Zimmerman to trial. People of social justice realize that Trayvon's life was never the real issue - this was the Stand Your Ground Law test.  It passed!  And now more than ever, it is time that we ALL, as Laurence Fishburne screams in Spike Lee's Movie "School DAZE,"  
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Wake up to the realization that social justice remains an illusive reality for black folks in American society, even in the age of Obama (the so-called post-racial society).  
Wake up to the fact that Stand Your Ground laws mean black death by white hands is 70% times more acceptable than white death by black hands from a criminal justice perspective.  

Wake up to the fact that real social justice leaders will never be given a platform in the mainstream media because the uncontroversial ones will always tell us to pray and wait, sing and chant, while our fate is in the hands of far too many people who do not care for black folks and/or have no significant interest in black folks affairs.  "Faith without works is dead."
Wake up to the fact that blacks have come from Emmit Till to Trayvon Martin and the system of white supremacy and racism has not significantly changed- if at all.  Lynching, stand you ground laws are all the same to me, especially when the people owning most of the ropes and most of the guns have the advantage.  
 Wake up to the fact that the PEACE we need is: People Educating and Advocating for Critical Empowerment!  We need to become angry and stay angry and if the system will not change, then we have too.  We must change the way we think, change the way we live, change the way we do what we do, when we do it, how we do it, and who we do it with. We need fearless, bold and brave educated/profesional young people to stand up and take your rightful place and role in advancing black rights.  The fight is not over, far from it.  Afterall, your generation and all of our future is on the line.  
We must wake up and recognize that, even some black folks just don't understand white supremacy and racism - no matter their profession. For example, the intern working with the Zimmerman team stated that George Zimmerman is not racist.  That is far beyond any one person's knowledge.   As a social scientist who studies racism and white supremacy, a simple, "I do not know" or "that is not my role to ascertain" would have sufficed.  
We must wake up to the reality that we have so much to do for ourselves, our families, our community, and this nation.  No one is going to advance black rights for us, we have to take up the charge and do it for ourselves!
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