Friday, September 19, 2008



Whether by genocide, plain ole homicide, police brutality (that can result in the killing of a black man for reaching for a wallet, "looking suspicious" or sitting in their car... outside of their bachelor party, THE BLACK MAN IS DYING!

And if none of these unfortunate events cause/create his demise, then there is colon cancer, cancer (in general), HIV/AIDS, heart failure, and a myriad of health problems.

Celebrity and fame makes no difference either, prominent sports athlete, actors and entertainers, or just your everyday around the way brother, they all leave this world far beneath the age of their white, asian and even latino counterparts.

Unfortunately, the black man death epidemic (BMDE... what I'll call it hence forth) is sweeping the nation, in fact the numbers suggest more black men die in this nation then in some third world countries. I also call it an epidemic, because ... well let's just say that the disproportionate number of black men dieing impacts family and community stability for starters something no other ethnic group faces as a significant challenge to its survival in this country. In fact, the NAACP documents a case of BMDE almost every week, which is a cue that it is definitely time to go into action and solve the problem ourselves - WE THE PEOPLE! We must begin to take proactive measures instead of reactive responses. In fact, a great start happened in my town last night with a town hall meeting. We were given excellent solutions on how to address at least one major factor contributing to BMDE... Police brutality!

As for the others, black men have got to STOP KILLING themselves! That's right I said it. Black men have got to TAKE CHARGE of their lives, MAKE CHANGES were necessary and REGAIN CONTROL of their communities (mentor and parent our young black boys)! Anyone remember the MILLION MAN MARCH, 1995, World Day of Atonement,celebrated every October 16th!

The death of a black man is a spiritual struggle that is more crucial than a physical struggle for survival. I have even heard some ministers express that "the resistance to God's way, plan for the black man's development has lead to the death of a black man." Black men must begin with the "man in the mirror" and there is no time like the present!

Signed, Your sister, wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother, and friend.

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