Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why We Need A Multi-Party System!

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

In order for there to be representation reflective of this nation's diversity, i.e., ideology, beliefs, language, ethnicity/heritage, sex, age and class to name a few, we need a multi-party system. We must become educated about current and existing parities beyond Republican and Democrat. We must create our own party if none of the existing parties address our interest (we must know what our interest are). We must pass on to the next generation of voters, citizens of this nation and the world a myriad of choices that can result in a myriad of representation at all levels of government. The present two party system represents a political monopoly, simply stated. This is my contribution to what I hope to be a discussion that can and hopefully will lead to some action. Above is a website about political parties in the U.S.. It is not comprehensive, just a start. I hope to start a blog in the next couple of weeks and with your contribution and help, we can generate some momentum to hopefully take us into the FIRST REAL POLITICAL PRESIDENTIAL contest that this country will experience since its inception. Sincerely,
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