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It has become clear to me that in recent years, more and more of Americas youth are being incarcerated at an alarming high rate, especially black youth. Just in Louisiana alone the black male youth incarceration rate is 8 out 10 arrest/conviction and currently serving time in the so-called "juvenile justice system." [See the report by clicking on the link above by the NAACP pg. 12 which features the Tallulah Project led by the Juvenile Justice Project and Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Youth]

The NAACP in their report Dismantling the School-to Prison Pipeline explores some of the detrimental causes that create this deplorable state for our youth, particularly black male youth and what must be done to eradicate it.

In fact, over the last couple of years, many concerned citizens and parents have moved to homeschool their children instead. In fact, one organization located right here in the state of Louisiana is the National Black Home Educators started by Eric and Joyce Burges. They offer support and guidance for those seeking home education alternatives and options.

Now, I am a big advocate of public schooling and have been so for many years...that was until some very personal and professional issues became too paramount for me to simply ignore.

I firmly believe that proper parental involvement is an important key; however, school curriculum, school safety, teacher training and a host of other issues that permeate the social institutions in this system also must change to make a difference.

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